A Tangle of Chains

One Community 


A community of bikes not too far from the Uni Bar.

I captured this photo in my first weeks of university after coming from a local Catholic High School where we were all strictly dressed in uniform. Which is quite different to the university environment where people are free to express their individuality in however way they please. This allowed me to see the diverse range of people we have at the University of Wollongong. There are varying differences amongst students be it there personality traits, race, culture, religion, age, physical look or fashion style. I have captured this in my photography by using different bicycles around campus as a metaphor for differences amongst our UOW Community.



A “hipster” bike, leant up against the arts building.

Stumbling across this seemingly old fixed gear bike highlights the diverse range of people we have at the University of Wollongong. The bike is some what an individual, different from normal style you may see someone ridding to university. The “fixed” gear bike has been a favourite amongst those considered “hipsters” for quite some time therefore is a symbol for those who dress in that nature. The idea that hipsters are individuals helps support the idea of individuality at UOW. Individuality is important as it promotes diversification leading to an interesting and entertaining culture.