Appreciating The Little Things

Who knew a head massager could create such a picture perfect moment. Taken on the afternoon of the 17th of April, at a post university social gathering.  The photograph features Matthew Kane a first year journalism student relaxing and reflecting on his first semester as a full-time university student. Although describing his first semester at university as “challenging, hard and overwhelming” he is “extremely excited” for the future and hopes his dream goal of broadcast journalism is only a few years away. This photo is also a symbol for just one of many friendships that have been formed by new students within their first semester.

University UOW Black & White Portraits

Matthew Kane appreciating a head massager after a finishing his first 8 weeks of univeristy



Sports Journalism Within Adrian’s Sight

Adrian Dryden plays a game of basketball in his backyard to relieve the stresses of university.

First year journalism student Adrian Dryden attempts to escape the pressure of university through a game of basketball. He hopes his love for sports and journalism will eventually lead to a career incorporating both. The transition from high school to university is described by Adrian as the “most challenging yet rewarding” decision in his lifetime. When asked about sport he replied “It’s my way of copping, its how I stay happy.” When talking to Adrian it is evident he has the charisma, personality and overall character to produce a quality journalist and his love for sport will excel him on his way.